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(State 5th of January, 2018)

The search for the father

Our information on this side serves excluding the search for the father and his family. It is expressly pointed out to the fact that all legal entitlements as for example maintenance and all other one have come under the statute of limitations for a long time and cannot be put therefore any more.


1. Information about the father

2. Addresses for the search

3. Further information about the father

4. "Zhdi meja" / "Жди меня"

5. For east Prussians

6. A genealogical forum

7. Information about missing soldiers


1. Information about the father

Everybody, whose soviet father was a member of the armed forces or a other suitable service and his mother was living in a country in which the soviet army stood can search for his father and his family

There are two cases possible:

- One knows the name of the father or

- One has only inexact or wrong information about him.


1.1 Name of the father is known

further information about him are useful too, like

- Name, given name, patronymic name

- Birthday, birthplace

- Rank, utility position

- Garrison, place, time

- Nationality

makes it possible to request a search for his father to the Russian archives.

If one has a photograph of him, send them too.


The application is to be made in Russian language and should contain:

- own name, 

- current address

- Birthday

- Birthplace

- Names of the mother

- the concern

We have cases in which the place of the meeting from mother and father is unknown. In this case the place of the garrison replaces this location.

Furthermore the relationship to him has to be specified. We know searching from grandchildren and other relatives are also is been supported too.

In the majority the fathers were members of the red, respectively Soviet army. 

Therefore, one directs his searching application at first to the archive of the Russian ministry of defense / ZAMO (Sharp 2.1 further below).

If an answer comes from there in the sense, that the searched in the request is not in their continuance, one directs the same writing to both other archives, see points 2.2 and 2.3.

In this connection this question is often put:

I know his name not properly, maybe with "o" or "a", "z" or "tz" spoken, but he is not written properly. I do not know, in Cyrillic already not at all…


The archives are aware of that and will try to check all variations for the name to solve the search successfully.

Therefore, the searching should not been canceled if you do not know the correct notation of the name.

If the father is found, you will get the following informations by the archive:

the personal information, career, order, the location of deployment.

You will get the address of your father at the time he reached the end of the reservist status.

This address is very old. The search begins with it in the suitable republic, town, place.


For our work: We provide information on how the archives react, here on the website for all Russian children. So anyone can use it.

That is why it would be good if we could obtain information on whether and how the archives provide information.


1.2 Surname of father not known


It's getting harder here. Our recommendations:

Ask all the people involved, even those you hadn't thought of - family members, neighbours, friends of the mother and possible partners, colleagues of the mother, etc. - ask them again. So everyone who might know something.

In the case of the author, he received a work from the Dippoldiswalde Municipal and District Museum of Dippoldiswalde from the SED Historical Commission at the end of the 1960s with many details, including the name of his father's superior and photographs of him. At that time, such works were assembled throughout the GDR.

Write to the regional newspapers to see if they still have articles from that time,

Searching on Facebook, the younger people usually have an account to search on Facebook, which is suitable for such a search.

If you get the father's name in this way, proceed as described above. If you do not receive it, we offer the possibility of submitting a search message on our website.

Since our website is increasingly being read in the countries of the former Soviet Union, it is advisable to submit a Russian version of the text.

We know it's difficult. Nevertheless, we recommend that Russian children and their relatives should consider this search.

If there are any uncertainties or other questions - please contact us! In the meantime we have gathered a lot of experience, which you can fall back on.

Of course, confidentiality is maintained.


2. Addresses for searching

2.1 Searching the archives of the Russian Ministry of Defense / ZAMO

Documents of Red Army troops for the period of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 are kept in the Central Archives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.


Centralny Archive Ministerstwa Oborony RF

Moskowskaja oblast

142100, g. Podolsk

ul. Kirova, 74

Russian Federation


2.2 Search via the Russian State Military Archive / RGVA for the NKWD


Russian State Military Archive / RGVA

125212 Moscow, Admirala Makarowa 29

Russian Federation



2.3 Searching through the FSB secret service


Federalnaja Slushba Bezopasnosti (FSB of Russia)

Central Archive

ul. Great Lubyanka 2

Moscow 101000

Russian Federation

2.4 Main Information and Analysis Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation HIAZRF

physical address

Ministry of Interior of Russia,

117418, Moscow

Novocherjomushkinskaya uliza 67

Russian Federation


2.5 Documents of special departments and departments of counterintelligence "SMERSCH"-death of the spies

physical address

UFSB of the Russian Federation for the Omsk Oblast

644099, Omsk

Lenin Street 2

Russian Federation


2.6 State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) in Moscow

Documents of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany (SMAD) and

Documents of the Red Army only for the period 1918 - 1940 army, will affect us only in very rare cases


State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF)


119992, Moscow

Large Pirogovaya St. 17

Russian Federation



2.7 Tracing service for Ukraine

National Committee of the Red Cross of Ukraine


Pushkinskaya uliza 30,

Kiev, Ukraine 01004


2.8 For Jewish fathers and families who have emigrated to Israel

Enquiries in English or Russian

The Israeli Interior Ministry.

Phone number +972-2-6294701.

Fax number is: +972-2-6294750

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Their website is:

It contains an online form which you can fill in.

Postal address:

Ministry of Absorption

2 Kaplan Street

P.O. Box 13091




Facebook - Experience shows that Russian children, their children and grandchildren usually have a Facebook account. This can be used effectively to search for the father, his family and relatives.

The association does not have an account, which is related to the confidentiality of enquiries and answers.


3. Further information about the father

Whoever has found his father can do so on the side:

more details about the military career. This possibility is provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

If you want to know more about the course of operations of the Red Army, look for the site (in Russian)


Here you can find information about the fronts, in the war the largest combined military formations were called that way. Whoever does not know the Father by name can thus possibly learn something about his unity.


4."Zhdi menja" / "Жди меня"

We have been informed that the show "Zhdi meja" / "Жди меня"

set up a website, of course in Russian. If you want to find out more about it, have a look at the following link:

There he will find out how he can make himself felt in the programme. This also applies to Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan.


5. To East Prussia

If you have found out the name of your father and he stayed in the Kaliningrad region after the war, you can contact him in Russian.

the information centre at the Ministry of Interior of Kaliningrad district:

Информационный центр при

Управлении Министерства внутренних дел

Калининградской области

Советский Проспект 7

г. Калининград 236022


Russian Federation

and ask for further information.


6. A genealogical forum:

Sync by honeybunny


7. Information about missing persons

are above



Good luck to you!



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